About Us

<F.O.R.C.E!> is a CS:GO clan. Forged in the fires of hell, <F.O.R.C.E!> was created by General Rage, The Machine, and Blitz. Through years of extensive research and devotion to their craft, <F.O.R.C.E!> grew in memberships and skill. Their tantalizing last second victories and clean-sweep beat downs are Legendary. Among mortal men, <F.O.R.C.E!> members stand a foot taller and 6 inches longer. If it is not their shear brute that will beat you , it is their sophistication and communication that will fornicate your thickest plot. Though they are educated in the arts of war, the need for funding has hit the frontlines. Thus you are here, on TheForceClan.com, where we ask that you make a small, modest, or generous donation to our war chest, in exchange for some great merchandise. We can be contacted by field radio if you have any questions. If you don’t have a field radio or equivalent, email TheMachine@TheForceClan.com, he has one.